C&Z Service, LLC

Service Area: Houston TX
Phone: 832-493-8270
Years In Business: Founded 2013
Owner: Jairo Alanis

What Customers Are Saying

“In our 20 years in the construction industry, we’ve worked with many contractors. Some good and some not so good. Without a doubt, C&Z Services, LLC has gone up on our good side of the board. They have proven to perform among the best. We are so grateful to have them on our team as valuable assets on our current and future projects.
Matthew S.
No one expects to see your beautiful home go to ruins overnight. That was exactly what we experienced as our home was devastated by a flood. We desperately needed to find someone that could help restore our home and our emotional stage. C&Z was an answer to our prayers. Our home was restored and left looking even better than its previous stage. Thank you, C&Z, for restoring out past
Angie C.
We were very pleased to know that C&Z intends were not only to provide us with their services, but to also educate us on how to better maintain are home and business allowing us to save on our yearly budget. C&Z is on our speed dial for services needed in our home of business facilities.
Karen T.