Development Dream Home Inc.

Service Area: Based in Encinitas and serve all over San Diego area
Phone: 858-933-8585
Years In Business: Founded 2008
Owner: Nezi Arbib

What Customers Are Saying

We used DDH to renovate our quirky little bathroom space and they did an amazing job! They helped us save on materials but we were still able to make the place our own. The project managers powered through any roadblocks we came across and were really supportive throughout the whole process. Highly recommend, would use DDH for any of our future projects.
Aika B.
I just have to share my kitchen remodeling with you guys. I can't even put into words how pleased I am with the kitchen/living room. Just wow. Ran was super transparent and walked me through all the steps of my project. Him and his crew made the whole thing seamless, they gained my trust and a customer for life! DDH poured their hearts into every detail, and it really shows. If you're looking to remodel your space, I highly recommend reaching out to them.
Zoe T.
Development Dream Home has truly turned my home into a magical oasis, exceeding my wildest dreams. They've seamlessly transformed my driveway, patio, porch, terrace, walkway, and stairs into a stunning masterpiece. I find myself speechless every time I open my door to this enchanting space - it has become my personal escape. For years, I've sought a company capable of bringing my imagination to life, and Development Dream Home not only met but surpassed my expectations. Yarin's ability to understand my vision and turn it into reality is truly commendable. What sets this company apart is their commitment to client satisfaction. Yarin patiently explained every detail, offering valuable insights and ensuring I was well-informed throughout the process. One invaluable lesson I've learned is to trust Yarin's expertise and provide references, allowing him to work his magic. His honesty in explaining project suitability and his transparent communication won me over. After just two days of witnessing their dedicated work, I decided to let go of my control-freak tendencies and put my trust in them - a decision I am incredibly grateful for. If you're looking for a company that goes above and beyond to bring your dreams to life, I wholeheartedly recommend Development Dream Home. Their expertise, transparency, and commitment to client satisfaction are unparalleled. Your home will thank you for it.
Tom G.