Klappenberger & Son LLC

Service Area: Anne Arundel County, Howard, and PG
Phone: 410-647-5700
Years In Business: Founded 1989
Email: scaulder@klappenbergerandson.com
Owner: David & Jean Klappenberger

What Customers Are Saying

We are very pleased with the work Klappenberger did for us. We had most of our home painted and some carpentry work done as well. The men were on time very polite and did a fantastic job with excellent clean up. The job was completed in a timely and professional manner.
James H.
IVs Klappenberger and Son at least three different times and every time they exceeded my expectations. Jim, and Brian were terrific on this last job. Their attention to detail and professional attitude was greatly appreciated. Their price was in the middle of the estimates I received but their value they delivered it was well worth it. So far they have painted four different rooms added wainscot in the foyer and stairway, and remodeled my basement to include a full bath and an awesome man cave! I highly recommend them.
Julie G.
Alex, Raul, Hugo and Roberto arrived on time at 8 am both days. They immediately did all the prep work and started painting. The paint that they used was Eco-friendly and didn't have any paint smell. The was important to me since I have three cats and I also can't stand the smell of paint. Day 1: They painted both bathrooms, both bedrooms and the kitchen. They removed everything that was hanging on the wall. I live in a condo and they painted all the walls, doors, ceilings, base boards and window sills in the kitchen, living room, dining room, hallway, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Since I work from home and my office is in the living room, I asked them to do that room last. On day two, I they painted the hall way, living room and dining room. They moved my chair to my bedroom and sat it by the window so that I could spend the day reading. I would most definitely recommend this business.
Sarah K.