Painter Pro

Service Area: Indiana - 40 miles outside of Martinsville, Indiana (Just south of Indianapolis)
Phone: 765-315-2273
Years In Business: Founded 2015
Owner: Sam Reuter

What Customers Are Saying

Professional, reputable, and good people is the best way to describe Sam and his team!
Joshua David Smalling
Very professional and detail oriented! Would highly recommend Painter Pro and Sam Reuter for residential and commercial jobs! Highly satisfied!
Jen S.
Painter Pro turned our "ehh" kitchen and living room into a gorgeous, relaxing place to be. We never had spent much time in either area, but after the work Painter Pro did, we spend any moment we can hanging out in both! Their professionalism was great and Sam followed up a number of times, even weeks later, to make sure we were happy with the job. THAT'S awesome customer service - definitely recommend Sam and his crew to anyone!
Jen Feiner