SPG Painting Company

Service Area: Seattle and surrounding areas
Phone: 206-482-5222
Years In Business: Founded 2015
Email: Pavelgrushke1@gmail.com
Owner: Pavel Grushke

What Customers Are Saying

I prefer classic tones and asked this painting company to apply the most traditional colors in our kid's room and the kitchen. I was blown away when I saw the results. The walls were smooth, silky, and beautiful, just like I wanted. Thank you.
Lary W.
Our home environment needed rejuvenation, so we decided to hire this house painting company. The team came just on time and gave us the right advice and recommendation on suitable paint hues. Flawless paintwork. Thanks a mill!
D. Burkley
How can I ever thank you for what you did in my home, guys? Your painting contractor exceeded my expectations. Thank you for the amazingly bright and vibrant paint shades in the bedroom and the bathroom.
Darla L.