3 Benefits of Getting Multiple Painting Quotes BLOG

March 7th, 2015 PainterChoice.com™ Staff Advice

Here at Painter Choice, we make getting 3 house painting quotes incredibly fast and easy because we know what a pain it can be getting quotes!

Painters don’t return calls, companies have their schedules booked, and you’re busy! But that’s no reason to skimp on getting 3 quotes. Here’s why…

  1. Peace of mind. Trust is something that is hard to come by in the contracting industry. If you only get one quote, it’s hard to know if this is a good company without having anyone to compare them against. After chatting with 3 different companies, there is going to be someone who stands out to you, who you feel most comfortable with, who addressed your concerns best. It may not always be the best price… but you can sleep at night knowing you did your homework.
  2. Get the best price. When home owners use Painter Choice to get quotes from local painters, these painters know they are competing. When that happens, they tend to error on the side of a lower price to try to earn your business. You are getting the best price that these companies can afford to give you. Often times, companies will even drop their price an additional $100-$300 to earn your business if you have a competing estimate to show them.
  3. Educate yourself. A good painting company will actually meet with you and walk the project with you. During this time, they’ll point out different problem areas and concerns. You can ask questions about the concerns you have on the house. Each painter will have different comments and recommendations… and sometimes they’ll conflict, or someone will notice something another company didn’t. This way, you have all of the information. You can ask more good questions, and you can be sure that you are getting the paint job that you need and want.

You can almost guarantee you’ll get a better paint job, at a better price, and feel more confident in your decision when you get multiple quotes.

-The Painter Choice Team