How to get the Most out of your Painting Company BLOG

March 17th, 2013™ Staff Advice, Painting Tips

Educating yourself before getting house painting estimates is probably the most important step before painting your house. There are certain house painting processes and procedures that can be the difference in having to re-paint your house in 6 years or 12 years. Obviously, you want to paint the fewest times to save the most money over time.

First off, you want to get the best price for your house while still being reasonable with the painting company. If too much money is discounted off the price, simple economics proves that they will have to make up their costs elsewhere, which usually means cutting corners if the house is underbid. Don’t let this happen, be fierce but reasonable in the negotiation process. Ask for the best price they can offer.

Emphasize how you want extensive prep-work.  Paying extra for solid prep-work is worth its weight in gold. After all, this is the defining factor in duration and longevity. Ask to see the prep-work they have done BEFORE painting. This will allow you to see that they have properly prepped the house before covering it up with paint. It is difficult to see the extent of the prep-work after paint has been sprayed or rolled on the house.


Ask for material upgrades. Sometimes, painting companies will quote you for contractor-grade materials, aka, cheap materials. You’ll want to ask what materials will be used and do your own research on the best, lasting products. Since established painting companies often have seriously discounted contractor accounts with paint stores, it is worth paying a little extra for premium paints. Ask if you can get the paint for the discounted rate that the painting company gets it for. They won’t always grant it, but it’s definitely a question worth asking.


Last but not least, make sure everything promised is ON THE CONTRACT. Any painting company can use lip-service to earn your job, but remember, it means nothing and is not legally-binding until it is in writing. Don’t let the contractor make empty promises, get it written down.


If you follow these guidelines, you will get more than you originally expected from your painting company. Thanks for reading!