Paint Color Ideas: How to Avoid Color Remorse BLOG

January 11th, 2012™ Staff Advice, Interior Design, Painting Tips

Choosing a paint color can be a hellacious process, or an inspiring one. It can be inspiring if you know where to look and what resources to use in conjunction with your paint color ideas.  Here is a step-by-step quick guide that will make choosing a color, whether it’s for an entire house or just one small room, a little easier.


Step 1: Brainstorm what ambiance/feel you want.


It’s a scientific fact that certain colors evoke certain moods and emotions. That is why it’s important to eliminate color combos that do not match the setting. For example, you don’t want dark and drab colors in a lively active place like the kitchen or family room. Also, in neutral areas like hallways or ceilings, it is better to not go too crazy with paint color ideas. Brainstorm what mood you want to convey with a certain room, and then try color test-patches accordingly.


Step 2: Pickup as many color idea palates as you can find.


These can be found at any paint store like Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore, or at the Home Depot Paint Department. They often show 3 color’s next to each other that go well with together. There is usually a body color, trim color, and accent color. These can be great guides to get you started with test-patches.


Step 3: Paint Large Test-Patches.


Many homeowners make the mistake of painting too small of a test-patch and then are disappointed once the whole room (or house) is draped in that particular color. It is advised to paint large test-patches so you can really get a feel of how it will look extrapolated.  Also, paint the colors close to each other so you can see how they complement one another.


Step 4: Use color placement software.


There are a variety of software and resources out there that allow you to simulate the color in a room or on a house before putting a drop of paint up. Our personal favorite is the “Personal Color Viewer” offered by Benjamin Moore’s website. This tool actually allows you to upload photos of the area you want to paint and slap simulated colors on the proposed areas.


We hope this article saved you the dreaded color-remorse for your paint color ideas. Thanks for reading!